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No Rain, No Way

October 8, 2015


Somewhere mid August I start to slightly panic about what this years Bash is going to be like.  Will we raise even to even function?  Will we be able to make a difference?  Will we matter to people?

We start to worry about pumpkins, the crowd, the vendors, t-shirts, and donations.

But the week before the event feels like a whirlwind.  Especially when there is any chance of rain.

It’s funny.  When we went to our second ultrasound with Kingston Leo and I were watching the screen and he thrashed up and down and all around- something we would totally expect out of Lola.

I looked over at Leo and said- I think his name is Joaquin.

Leo looked back at me and said, “I think not”…

I told Leo then that his name was Kingston and that I knew we would have a second son and I would name him Leo.

He trusted me.

I will never forget Saturday October 3rd 2015.  Ever.

I had my lap top open from the second my feet hit the floor every morning. I was looking for any sign that the rain would stay away.  I was nauseated all week because I just knew it was coming.

Saturday I woke up did the same routine but accepted it.  It was going to rain 12-5 – 60% chance.

I got outside around 10:30 that morning and began with last minute work.

Around 11 when everyone started coming down my buddy Justin (Harper’s Dad) said “Did you see the weather? It’s not supposed to rain until like 5 now”.

I thought he was crazy. We prepped and organized and got our event ready.

The hours went fast and I literally could not believe as each second went by that is was not raining.

It was supposed to rain and be miserable.

Guys.  I really was supposed to rain. And if Wednesday on you told me it wasn’t I semi wanted to sit you down and have a talk at times hug you and tell you thanks, and then send you on your way to let me sulk.

But people kept telling me to have faith.

Saturday was a miracle.

For me and this farm, for our event, for our organization, for the parents we are going to be able to help.

I do believe that each of you who came out would have anyway – rain or shine – but to enjoy you in a rather les drenched way was amazing for us.

Thank you for showing up.  Thank you to our vendors for always being there for us- The Kelvinators, J Montibon Photography, Bethany for face painting, and Best Way Disposal..   Our new vendors who experienced what we are all about… Color Me Mine and Marty’s Waffles.

Without our volunteers we wouldn’t have a bash. These are my friends and family who take time out of their schedules to get thing together months before the event.  The volunteers that help us on the day of to make sure people aren’t working the whole time are amazing and we wouldn’t do well without you.

I love you guys for hanging in there with us.  Coming out and showing your support.  Each year I’m amazing and each year something really beautiful happens.  I hope if you didn’t get a chance to see it this year you will catch us October 1, 2016 for our special 5th Annual Blue’s Pumpkin Bash

Love you guys.

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