"Take the sourest lemon life has to offer and

turn it into something resembling lemonade"


August 31, 2015


Kingston. My little sweet boy, loves batteries.

That is currently his “thing”.

He really likes that he can have them in his little pencil case and be on standby incase anyone needs a charge.

He, at times, talks his Nana and Papaw into going to the grocery to go get more. Standing in front of the kiosk or isle jumping up in down overwhelmed that any one of those batteries could make something work.. that doesn’t…. saving that toy or tool from not working.

He takes what he can find (with permission, I hope) from his Grandma’s house.

It’s sweet. And it’s also $9.99 added onto the total of your bill…

Today at Target my little guy picked a $3 car at Target to buy out of the dollar spot. But before he could walk over to my cart the battery stand caught his eye.

He jumped up and down and quickly took hhis car and put it back. I said “Buddy you have so many batteries, and I bet that car needs some, I think you would have a lot of fun with that car”.

He agreed.

He ran back to get his little car.

We were checking out and the scanner started flashing saying “DO NOT SELL ITEM GET MANAGER”.

I was a little bummed and worried.

After many attempts to figure out what illegal item was in my cart, it was the car sweet Kingston picked out.

I said “Kingston, we can’t buy your car because it’s not safe, what do you want to do?”

He said (with the sweetest frown face on his face) “It’s ok mom, it’s not safe”.

The lady went and found him two other cars from the $1 spot and he was thankful…

He carries those batteries around and hands them out. He jumps up and down and tells the recipient of his batteries that they can use them for whatever they need.

Tonight there was a candle on the table. I think Lola swiped it from Nana’s house… Missing two AAA’s batteries.

Kingston inspected it.

“Mom this thing has a cage, can you open it”.. I love kids..

Mom, I think I can fix this and then my frogs can have light”…

Jumping up and down he got it to work.. and right now, as Kingston sleeps next to his frog’s cage (he caught three: Rocky, Thomas, and Wyatt (His BFF from preschool) this weekend ) there is a light.. it’s shinning.

And my heart swells…

We are all thinking, OMG MORE BATTERIES! In our heads, I know it. If he stops the convo one more time to tell us he is gifting up 4 batteries each we might stop nodding and smiling.. maybe..probably not.. but maybe.

Kingston understands life way better than I…

Kingston sees that as something someone is going to need and it makes him happy, deep down happy to be able to  share…

Tonight Kingston’s frogs have a dim little candle light, powered by his batteries..

Tonight my heart knows that if you just let a child do what they feel.. to give.. to fix.. to collect.. and have faith they know what they are doing.. to give their gift… whatever it may be…  just maybe .. just maybe their little light will shine for all to see… their gift can be light for someone else… (frogs included)

Thank you Kingston for always teaching your momma what life is all about. You charge up my life.

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