"Take the sourest lemon life has to offer and

turn it into something resembling lemonade"


July 10, 2015


Today, She sleeps.

2:23, July 10, 2013, changed my life.

Nothing can describe the love a mother, father, or sibling has for a rainbow baby.  We don’t always feel it is people who we have to work really hard at keeping- but the truth is- that’s what life is all about…

So when the dream of Kingston running around and sharing with his brother died I knew more in that moment that the one just before that I needed Kingston to have a brother or a sister..

Kingston was young, 14 months old so he didn’t get it…. but I feel like he got the better end of the deal…

I grew closer to him and hugged him tighter.. and wished to be someone he would soon be proud of..

When Lola was born we sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.. Kingston was fascinated by his sister.. and I felt overwhelming sense of hope that all was back to good in my world..

It’s been a beautiful dance these past two years for at this time two years ago my life was able to shine in a whole new light- one that i never thought would happen

A beautiful girl has been by our sides now for two years..

Lola, you, my little girl, our rainbow baby, our happy girl who knows just what it is that she wants, you are one to be celebrated.  You’ve blessed my life in so many ways.  You love you Nana and Mamaw, Papaw and Pop-pop so much and I know to them you are special..

Lola takes my breath away.  I can’t describe it.  Every time I pick her up – put a dress over her pretty little head- snuggle her close– and read “one more book”.. I just can’t believe she is mine..

Lola never had to fill a spot in my heart where it was broken or hurt- that spot still stays- but what she did do is made my heart expand and know a deeper love.

Sweet little girl- I love that i am your mom.  You are just what I would have dreamt my little girl to be..  You are sweet as you are feisty and you have completed our family with your beautiful smile.

Happy Birthday baby tiny! You make our world full of color- that is for sure


Mom and Dad

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