"Take the sourest lemon life has to offer and

turn it into something resembling lemonade"


May 25, 2015


Man O Man.

I have some people in my life- and I call them- well, they were named by my mom in 2013.

The Blue’s Pumpkin Bash where rain came down, down down, my mom said, at the end of the event

“Those were some real troopers that came out today”.

So I decided that I would form this support for myself- not be afraid to ask these friends and family for help- and call them my troopers- remembering the 2013 event where we raised thousands to help families and I was certain it was going to be hundreds.

So this year I wanted to show my appreciation for those people. It is important for Leo and I to show our appreciation.

Well- he idea was royally -and forgive me for my bad language- screwed up.

I had a horrible weekend.. Horrible.. where I felt like I let a lot of people down.  Something that was supposed to be so special to a small group of people who literally hustle for me was pretty much ruined… and I was beside myself…

and .. I still kinda am…

So last night after a long day and things not going as planned (it’s a reroocuing theme in my life- so I should just plan nothing- but thinking of that sends the planner in me into a panic) I said “Leo, how can I be a better person? How can I stop getting so down when things go really bad… and stop talking about the same things over and over again?”

We were watching ESPN…

Leo sat for a second .. as he does.. my old soul husband and began sitting up strait because i knew this was going to be good…

and he said this

“Ok, I think I know.  You have to live in what’s going on right now.  For instance, a great quarterback makes a horrible play… he has to forget about it.. He throws an interception, after it’s done, it’s done.. it’s our of his mind and he’s thinking about how the next play will unfold and hopefully lead him to a touchdown”..

OMG Leo thinks in metaphors too?? I mean each year/day/second I find out something better about this man…

That’s it Leo! That’s what I needed to hear! This was a horrible play… I totally got intercepted.  My plan did not go how it was supposed to go- no matter how hard I tried to explain and plan.. intercepted… and the ball totally went the other way…… and I, this weekend, was the quarterback watching that person go to the other end and score….

So I have to fix it.  Maybe I wasn’t loud enough in the huddle… maybe I called the wrong play…

This life is so tricky.  You plan and study and communicate and hope your message, because it’s so true and intention is pure and somehow you’re left baffled and saying Man O Man.

I learned so many lessons in the last month.  Heck- trying to represent our organization has taught me so many lessons..  I was for sure intercepted this week on a play that was supposed to show love and appreciation to some people that are truly there for me in big ways …… I know they will still be there.. I know that when that ball gets intercepted and the other team is taking it to the other side.. those are my peeps that are running after the ball trying to get it back.. and if not.. they are back in the huddle knowing we got it this time

Thanks to all my troopers I love you

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