"Take the sourest lemon life has to offer and

turn it into something resembling lemonade"

I <3 Sour Cream

April 18, 2015


I’m hoping Leo doesn’t kill me for this. But it came to my attention a bit ago that every one thinks Leo and I, together, are “prefect”. And well- surprise- we just aren’t.

Last night- after I did 41 snatches at 75 LBS at 6 am I decided that to make a proposal with my husband- my right shoulder was killing me and I was dyyyinnnggggg for a shoulder rub.

I asked he said sure- went and got lotion (score!)

We were sitting there talking about EVERYTHING (because I, do not shut up, SUPRise Again)

When I started talking about my Chipotle burrito bowl that I consumed about 3 hours prior.

I’m TRYING so desperately hard to eat healthy these days but there are some things (as you are soon going to learn) that I am terrified to give up

I was talking to him and I said “There was so much sour cream on that thing.. and you know if I’m saying that…. ”

And Leo interrupted me… and said this..

“And that doesn’t help your diet”..

everyone hold on, gasp and sit back.

I was sitting on the floor between his legs watching the TV and I said “WHAT?”

And I just let him have it.. I mean HAVE IT.

I said “Leo, I was trying to have a conversation with you about how MUCH was in my bowl and YOU want to bring attention to a diet I am not even ON? What is wrong with you??”

I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t help it.. It felt rude..

He got up and mumbled something (he’s good at that) and went to brush his teeth. That’s cue for “I’m getting the F out of here”….

I sat where I was on the floor.. Staring at the TV but my brain was going 100 miles a minute…

He came in and said “I didn’t mean anything by that”..

I told him 100 ways on how he can say that- but he totally DID.

“Sit down- right in front of me- on the floor.”

He didn’t … he opted for medium distance on the couch diagonal from my reach.

“You do that all the time, Leo”…

We began talking.. and unraveling this big fat mystery that I felt was “Hey wife- get a grip”…

I said give me 10 minutes and sit down..

You see- Leo- is a MASTER at time management and simply getting stuff done. He gets up at 4 am and works his behind off. That’s not me. I love to sleep until 7 am and then bust it all out. When I don’t get to crossfit or I don’t get to clean the house- because i slept in and once the kids are up all bets off- I feel he sees that as my fault- I could have got up at 4 am, like him.


still a tight wound ball of emotions I explained to him that the diet, and sour cream comment totally told me how he felt about me- at least that’s how it felt.

We started getting somewhere and I he promised it was a misunderstanding- and that by me saying I wanted to make better choice he just wanted to help me (point out that I ordered the wrong burrito bowl)

So I forgave him and said – alright Leo we are going to end this by YOU telling me TWO things I could be doing better….

He looked at me like “Umm, no”..

I said FINE- You tell me two things you like about me and I’ll do the same for you”…

I decided I love his hard work ethic and that I love how he cares for others- I added one more and that despite his horrible tactic on trying to make me a better version of myself that I know that he truly loves me- he smiled.

Now for me- Leo told me that he thinks I am thoughtful and that I’m a good mom.

Now for two bad things- and this is what gets me and actually made me heart happier than the good things he told me..

for me- scrub the dishes before I put them in the dishwasher and he shrugged his shoulders and said “That’s all I can think of”..

and so I added “Clean my car out”??

Sure, he said.

I told him that I really do want to be better with SO MANY THINGS- Food, time management, getting things picked up- and that I am TRYING really hard. I feel very overwhelmed right now..

and suddenly- by saying that out loud I felt SO much better. I think he did too.

Asking him to sit down and give me 10 minutes was so good. I despise going to bed mad. Although- I don’t hold grudges and the morning sun always makes those hard feelings go away. That’s one trait I do like about myself. Who likes to stay mad – especially at someone you chose to see everyday? …

So guys- we aren’t perfect. Not at all- I love sour cream and I love to talk until 11:30 pm on the nigth of opening day turkey season.. LEO- likes to leave his alarm on so it goes off at 4:10 am .. I call that payback for keeping him up so late..

I love him. For talking me with and listening to me. I told him that there will never be anyone in my life that I will meet with the same set of dreams as mine.. there will never be another that will try hard to make me happy.. there just will never be another Leo like him… and I”m so thankful I have him.

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