"Take the sourest lemon life has to offer and

turn it into something resembling lemonade"

Let Me Have It

April 14, 2015






Leo and I went shopping for – well- we still aren’t sure- BUT – we got a new couch.  Our old couch was a damaged couch that was dropped and well it was nice but it was old and we were over it. 


So we drive to glen way avenue where we loaded a couch that we didn’t know if it would fit or not I to the blue truck when Leo realized he forgot his straps. 

I would be lying if I didn’t say I was frustrated at him. Not only did he not measure our room that we were supposed to be buying stuff for but he forgot his straps? 

“Don’t worry! Ollies sells weird stuff and it’s right next door” he said. 

We ran in and I saw what was a perfect gift for my sister in grief- Jenny. 

HARPER (she likes to be all caps  n my phone)  was giving me a wink.  It was a Bible with a purple owl on the front. 

I grabbed it and Leo came to find me – by this time I also had two piano books under my arm. 

“Kids don’t need that” he said

Ok, but look at this for Jenny! It’s got a purple owl on it! And- it’s a BIBLE. 

Leo laughed at me and said “is it really a bible- I didn’t know”. The words HOLY BIBLE on the front weren’t that noticible I thiught. But then I thought Leo should probably not make fun of me and get down on his knees and thank HARPER for saving him from the “I can’t believe you didn’t…. Conversations to come. 

On we came home and on we painted. For hours.  Unloading our furniture in the house to outside and painting a wall what we thought was navy- a grey blue purple. 

The evening called our kids home and my sister and mia came to save the day and re hang curtains.  My mom and mother in law watching over kingston and lola. 

Morning came way too fast. Leo had to work and I had a rough night

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