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Give No Love

April 4, 2015


24 hours of OMG moments. I shared on my FB wall that i was a loser – quickly it was 100% (ok probably lile 0.10% if you add up all my friends – but 100% if you add in the percentage of their fabulousness as humans) proven that some of my friends didn’t like that- Katie- I respect you- so I deleted it.

I read a post this morning- early- house on a hilltop with lightening bolts will make you lay awake in bed and think when are my kids going to realize all of this madness is going down.. for a fact- Lola at 12 am…

The post said that happy- or people that thrive- something along those lines- find human connections few and far between and never to network..

I was stopped in my tracks.. kinda.. I’m like that right? ,… But I know A LOT of people.. so I must not really be like that…..

Lets face it I’ve bounced a check and split my pants in the last 24 hours- went to the same restaurant 2 X (once through the drive through then back in by mistake- was looking for the place next door) all in the last day… the check thing blows my mind because I – for once in my life have a savings account.. and I haven’t technically done that in a while (the one time I did it – it involved me as a 19 year old bringing home a duck to Lloyd Ave (parents house). – phone ringing- 5/3 telling my mom I over drew- her coming out of the house to yell at me- and then realizing her 19 year old daughter with aspirations to live on a farm just bought a duck).. I believe that was also in the month of April= somewhere around 2005- ok I was probably 20.. even better.

So I thought about this “things you should know about content, thriving, ” better” people.. list and thought- I wonder if all the fabulous people I love and adore think I am out just for what they can offer ME??….

And I began to think negatively about myself.. maybe I do… maybe I do give love to get it right back? Maybe I’m selfish with the love I show in thinking it’s going to help me…

I was putting laundry away – after I mopped up a stopped up toilette mess and told Kingston if he didn’t clean his room all his gold start would POOF, be gone..

After I posted how much of a loser I was … and then having love given right back to me..

and I realized..

I give NO love with the intentions of getting it back..

I don’t.

This i know.

I would say I know a some people- all over the country- but not because I think I’m going to get something back from them in return, but because I simply thrive on human connection.

Did you know that I once asked a fabulous woman from Canada if she would be in NY in 12 hours to meet one of her idols with no intention of getting a cent from her? I held the ticket and it was me to make someone else’s dream come true… I was the insane one that bought i had to deal with the sticker shock…

I think most of the love I have for meeting people and connecting with them comes from watching my mother in grocery stores as a little kid … Her and my grandma June never met a stranger. I love that. And I loved that…

I once met a designer who worked for Betsy Johnson on a bus in NYC.. who happened to be leaving the city and meeting her parents at the same hotel that we were staying at.. She had an awesome story and we connected. I really wish I would have kept her contact information because I would love to see where she is now and how fabulous she is doing..

I have so many awesome stories not because I gave love and wanted it back but- because I gave it and wanted nothing in return….

And that post from today – that had me thinking that I was a selfish networking freakzoid can go someplace else… I do know a lot of people and I have made many connections throughout my life.. but it’s for the pure love to give people love …

I’m not a loser for knowing a lot of people and choosing to give them mad love… I really get inspired by each of my FB friends.. my family.. my real life I can touch you friends.. and when they don’t feel so inspiring I want to be the first one there giving them no.. not because I want it back.. just because … well… because I give no love with the expectation of getting it back…..

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