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turn it into something resembling lemonade"

Daddy’s Girl

February 24, 2015

I think anyone would say – that knows my mom and I- that I lean more towards the “mommas girl” side of life now that I’ve become a mom myself. I’ve always talked to my mom everyday. I don’t think there has been a day in my existence where I haven’t called her up- even is she decided she didn’t want to speak to me because I was being a “brat”.

My dad is another story. I’ve gone a months time without talking to him- not for any other reason than that we are both very busy people.

My dad is the most hard working man I know. I’m not sure why he works so hard but I would bet to believe it is because that’s all he knows.

And although I don’t talk much to him – over the phone- or in person- when I do get to speak to him- he always wants to make sure I’m doing ok.

When I graduated high school we had an awards ceremony. I was invited to come my senior year because I was going to be awarded something.

I had applied for a nursing scholarship but I was certain I wasn’t going to get it. My grades were just so so (3.3 gpa) as I was always more involved in sports than my homework (note my fabulous grammar)

At the ceremony a representative for the scholarship got up and started referencing my essay. OH my goodness they are talking about me!

I had referenced the Johnson and Johnson add that was popular in 2003 “Dare to Care”. I had explained in my essay (I wish I still had it) that I was willing to do the hard things and put myself out there to help others.

I got the scholarship that would pay for my first years of college at 100%.

The next morning– because I don’t think my dad was able to see me get the award- he wrote a note “I always knew you’d be a star”. I still have that someplace.

It made me SO happy to see my parents proud of me. I do believe there is no greater gift to give than honoring those that decided to bring you up in this crazy world. Something I understood at a very young age- but get it even more now that I am
A mother.

My strive to make my dad proud has taken Many MANY detours. Failing out of nursing school – I eventually found my way back- to where I am now. I feel, at a pivotal point in my life where I feel whispers all around me “is she going to make it?!” My dad never lost faith in me. And I often find myself telling my loved ones “trust me, it will be fine!”

The truth is that my dad has been one of my biggest cheerleaders – he’s never ever had Pom poms or a flamboyant way about him, no. My dad has been quiet on the sidelines (except when a ref would make a bad call during my basketball games- that he could attend, anyway) … Guiding me- making sure I have been ok – letting me dream big – even if it was on 0 hours of sleep driving me to Indianapolis to buy a pink car at 18 years old and a part time job.

There are many times I can look back at what he’s done for me and think it’s been small but realize his hands out of the project meant he was giving me more than not.

So when I saw this on my calendar today I smiled. Because it’s been him that has helped me be that dreamer. My dad has more faith than he would like to admit and better advice on giving second chances than anyone I know.

So happy birthday dad! The man that’s help me Dream Big! Today I know I’m right where I belong thanks to my parents. And God love them for raising me to what I have become.

Dare to care. Dare to dream big. Don’t give up. Find your cheerleader- big or small.

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