"Take the sourest lemon life has to offer and

turn it into something resembling lemonade"


February 12, 2015


Today was a beautiful day.

It has been a busy, busy month and I was feeling a little overwhelmed. Lately- when this happens I find great happiness in logging onto a blog about couponing at Kroger and take my lunch break getting a “deal”. It gets me out of the house and usually in a happy mood. Working from home can be hard in a way that you go days sometimes without much social interaction.

I hopped in the truck and went on my way. ALL detergent for $1.50 and free fabric softener. ( Jaws drop for the people that know my shopping habits)

On my way back home I looked at the time- annoyed that I was in Leo’s truck (I can’t zip in that), that I can’t find my keys, and that my 30 minutes was almost up! It goes so fast.

I came to our road- Hwy 16- about a 45 MPH road where much of the “neighborhood” drives 55.

When I turned on our road I saw a man in the middle of the road. What in the world!

Without even second guessing I put the big blue truck in park and hopped out.

A older man was in the middle of the road and there was trash- everywhere.

“I tried to move the trash can and it fell over and now it’s everywhere!”, He said.

“That’s ok! I’ll help you,” I said picking up pieces of trash.

At this point there are cars behind the truck and cars on the opposite side of the road (where we were putting trash in the can.

Soda and Oil cans, pizza boxes (from the new restaurant getting ready to open) we were working together to get it cleaned up.

I picked up a Diet Mt Dew can and soda went all over my hands.

“Thank you” he said as I threw then soda in the trash.

“You are welcome,” I said.

and then BOOM.

It hit me. This is what we do! There was no need in thanking me and it’s obvious why it was so easy to hop out of the truck and not be annoyed.

We all have trash! We all have filthy ugly – all over the place- spilling out- boxed up- opened up- TRASH.

That man was all alone in the middle of the road – and who knows if it was his trash- or the business’ – or the house beside it.. maybe he was doing a good deed-

I was driving home with sticky garbage all over my hands and late from coming back on my lunch break- but I didn’t care.

I had a moment- a clearing that that was what I was supposed to do..it wasn’t anything big – but what it was for me, was a sign that we have bigger opportunities to be present when people need help with their “trash”

It’s hard when you see someone you love in a dark place- kinda trashy- or if there is a situation that you just want to avoid but know you would be better to go through it- get messy- help, and do something good.

We are put into lives and situations for a reason. Maybe the reason is to get messy, eh? Think about it. Not everything is pretty. Pretty “trashy” things have happened to us and yep, We’ve walked around with “sticky hands” or a broken heart for longer than the 4 mile drive back to the house…

I went home and washed my hands logged back into work and realized that life is so much better when you help others pick up their trash. I could have just drove by— I could just ignore a message- but no- I want to get dirty- I want to bend down with you and help anyway I can- I want to help you pick up your trash.

Later on today!
*** I met my friend Katie (Who is amazing) later for dinner..

and out of the Blue (I like that) I said – tell me the story about Best Way. BOY was it a story. And in that moment I felt a rush over me- like I was in the exact spot I should be in the exact moment hearing the only story I was supposed to hear today. A trash talk story with Katie- an amazing story about taking a small trash company to a next level and working her butt off after realizing the job before her leap of faith was not what she wanted. That’s my kinda of girl- one that keeps looking for her nitch- find her happiness- and will totally get me when I trash talk.

Chills came over me and I said “Katie, Katie” I totally posted that I was going to write a blog on trash today- but deleted it because I felt that I needed to focus my free time on some other tasks I had taken on.

Katie told me that she was the girl everyone came to talk trash with. Katie is also a girl I can go and talk about Leo to. And my crazy dreams and she says – “You can totally do it”.

I owe her tonight- Right place- right time- picking up trash to talking trash. IN the words of Lola “WHOA BABY.

Pick up trash. Talk trash. Do it!



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