"Take the sourest lemon life has to offer and

turn it into something resembling lemonade"

Are You Ready? (to thrive)

January 2, 2015


I love to reflect back and there is no better day to do that then the very last day of the year.

Did I do something big this year?

Am I a good mom?

Am I making good choices for my family?

Did I help someone in a big way?

Does my family have their health?

Did someone go out of their way to show me 100% genuine kindness?

Am I doing well in my career?

I am answer yes – thankfully- to all those questions. I am blessed.

But I think the biggest question that I will always have in the back of my mind is: Am I ready?

What in the world does that mean?

I’ll explain.

I am a planner at heart – naturally this drives most of those who love me enough to care, crazy.

The things that drive me the most crazy are when things that I’ve strategically planned: outdoor wedding, a growing, a career that I thought I had in the bag, fell through..

Ok so one of those things is not like the other.

I said in a little speech here at the farm that when Leo died all I remember thinking is that I want to be happy. How did happy look as a bereaved mother? I was committed to being that example from day one.

I was not ready for my baby to die.

I wasn’t ready.

But in a way I was.

Are you ready?

Ok- sounding wacky.

What I really meant about being happy after my son died is I didn’t want to be a sad person. I didn’t want to be a bitter person. But how are is one happy and how are you thankful when so much is taken? I had to figure it out- after all I wanted to be an example for Kingston. One day he’s going to understand that when he was very little his mom and dad went through something hard- and I hope he sees an example in us both.

I have to practice happiness. It’s not given to me. I’m not happy because of what’s around me- the given- I’m happy because I choose to be this way. I choose not to survive but thrive in a world where- if you’re not ready to go through it- to be resilent (most days)- you’ll be eaten alive.

There is so much that can go wrong- not your way- down on your luck. What are you going to do to find your happiness? Are you ready to thrive?- no matter what?

It means being thankful for it all. Everything- it can’t be only some of it. To thrive you have to be thankful for it all- dig deep- choose to see the good and keep going in a positive direction- towards happiness. Don’t survive- thrive.

So my question is for myself as much as it is for you= am I ready- to thrive? No matter what happens?- trust me- every scenario since Leo died has crossed my mind- “losing” everything. Am I ready?

They say to remember that there is always someone that would love to trade places with you. For me that sounds a bit like competition- I want to be in a good place not only for myself but to show others that they can be there (here), in a happy place, a peaceful place of resilience, that no matter what happens we are on the good path.

So my question- are you ready- for whatever happens in your life?- the good the bad?- the ugly?- the marvelous?- the sweet surprises at your door-the moments that take your breath away? the opportunities that knock?- to thrive?– are you ready?

I am. We are.

2015. I’m knocking.

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