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Talk of the Town

June 1, 2014

My Leo. My big Leo raises beagles. 

On September 5th last year Leo’s favorite beagle went missing. This was also our 5th wedding anniversary. 

LEo and Kingston were in the gator. Lola was a brand new 2 month old. And when I was ready to go get ice cream and Leo was still out on the gator I thought “That’s weird”. 

Later in our drive to get ice cream I said “Why were you out on the gator so long?” 

Leo looked over and said “I can’t find Smokey”. 

I told him to turn around. 

He wouldn’t.

You see another anniversary of ours dogs went missing and we canceled plans. Something can go wrong everyday here.. and it’s just the breaks. It’s what we sacrifice so that we can do the things we do down here. Although lsing a dog doesn’t happen often, It’s happened a handful of times- they are natural born hunters. But they always come back

He said “I don’t want to ruin another anniversary.” 

I was upset and he wouldn’t turn around. 

Later on in the month Leo found Smokey. After weeks of hanging signs and talking to people and thinking someone took him- Leo found him over a hill just across the street from our driveway. He wasn’t alive. 

I feel it brought peace to Leo. A little bit. To know what happened to his dog. But a lot of blame and guilt I’m sure  as it did to me as well. Why wouldn’t he turn around that day like I asked him to? 

Leo buried him out back and I told him that baby Leo got a dog. And the very best one we had, up in heaven. 

So last night Leo came home and somehow we got on the subject of people who bought our dogs.. and wondering if one of Smokey’s puppies were out there that could have puppies with one of our dogs- so that Leo could again have a little part of Smokey back here on the farm. 

We got to talking and he said.  “you know what.. there is someone, I bet. She wrote a message to me on Facebook when I wrote something about Leo Blue’s 1st birthday last year. I remember her because she lost her son and was telling me she was thinking of us.” 

So last night Leo messaged her. 

This morning Leo took three puppies to the airport to be flown to CA for a new owner.

He was talking to me on the phone on his way home and told me she e-mailed him back. 

He said “You know it’s just so”.. 

and I interrupted him. 

I said, “refreshing? when people are nice? I’m sure she was so nice wasn’t she?” 

Leo said, “Yes she was really nice.”

It made me smile because I was happy she had written him back so fast and that Leo could have a puppy out of Smokey one day. 

Later though Leo came down in my office and was talking to me about how nice she was — and He started to get upset.. 

and me seeing that made my eyes start to tear up.. 

He was talking and talking about the dog and he stopped and said, “Guess what his name is?” 

I took a deep breath and said, “Is it Leo?”

Leo paused. 

“No, it’s Blue”

Now I got it. I got why he was so emotional. He got that e-mail that morning and I cut him off when he was trying to tell me. 

I read the message from the woman. 

The beginning of her message said, “Hello Leo, Yes we still have “blue”. And my husband says he is the talk of the town”. 

I just had tears rolling down my face. 

I told Leo- you know- that takes my breath away. 

We hated that Smokey died. It was horrible. We hated that our baby died. It was horrible. 

But it hits you so hard on days like today that life happens and unfolds as it is supposed to. 

She would have probably not commented on Leo’s post about baby Blue had she not lost her son. 

Maybe we would have found Smokey if we would have turned around. 

Would Baby Blue have a puppy if we would have found him? 

Would. Should. Could. Why will eat you alive if you let it. But if you let life be and know that it’s happening as it should it just works.  It allows you to be grateful and present in your life. 

There is no doubt that baby Leo was trying to tell us something today… and that got us both missing him. He always feels real to me.. like he is here.. so today I think he wanted to talk to his daddy.. 

So I know a little bit about a little boy named Blue being the talk of the town.. and now I know a couple of beagles that are too. 


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