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Chasing Women

March 23, 2015

oh my goodness this day…..

I’m not sure you’re going to believe me. I’m currently at a Gas station in Ohio by myself eating in my car. 


I left this morning from my sweet little farm – my kids eating breakfast- lola saying “bye” ( think”bye Felicia) and kingston asking me why I have to be back. Translation. ” why are you leaving, mom?” 


I bought two tickets to see Glennon Melton from Momastery speaking in Findlay Ohio about a month ago. 


I’m not sure why I bought two because I knew darn well I’d probably just be a loner and go by myself- like I always do (so weird) but honestly three hours in the car with Kelly Clarkson sounded pretty awesome. 


First things first- mom freaked because I was driving alone. Trying to get anyone and everyone to sit in my passengers seat. She even tried to nab my kids so Leo could chauffeur my up here. Being that she’s had a grandkid everyday for a period of time for the last 6 days I said – absolutely  not. 


The trek began at 830. Kelly was nowhere to be found so I stopped at target to grab her greatest hits cd. John you would be proud. 

(Currently Breakaway is playing)

Ok. Purchased the CD and headed to the car texting Leo “I’m such a db**. I left my debit card”


In our attempt to be debt free I have no credit cards and my sorry self left my method of payment at home. 


Started driving. And it wasn’t until I was 70 miles from home that I realize – OH CRAp!??!|^_•. I need gas to get home. 


Aha! Moment brought me to a Kroger to purchase a gift card- for gas with the second to last check I had in my wallet. 

I felt so smart. Almost like I could Probably make it on a deserted island. (Ok only if Leo was with me) 

The woman handed me a pen and I signed the signature that my mom hates

The cashier took it and said “I have to ER a manager honey, I’m sure we don’t take out of state checks”


The manager came up to me and said that no- they do not take checks from out of state. 

I bowed my head and decided  to have a little real life conversation- it had now turned into not only a method of payment lesson but a life lesson


I said “ok. This is ok, but will any place in Ohio take my Kentucky check?”



Oh gosh I’m screwed. 


Ok. Ok. (I said) this is my fault. I am 70 miles from home and I have a half tank and I have 120 miles left to go to see Glennon from Momastery speak. Do you guys have any ideas for me?  The manager looked at me I think she felt really sorry for my sorry self and said 

“Run the check”


“It might not go through”

Guess what!?! It totally went through. 

I got my $30 gas card and $15 McDonald’s (I guess I was afraid I would starve) gift card and drove to the pump. 



Where I met the worlds best outdoor gas station cashier. 


I said you will take this?? showing her my fruit Kroger gift card. 

“Yep!” She said ” and if you give me a second I’m about to lower the gas prices.”


Hot dog! This is amazing. 


More on Glennon later BUT the best experiences I have ever had- where I have been introduced to great people have been chasing fantastic women! 


Later when I got to the conference I checked in and the woman said you have two tickets. I said yes but it’s only me.  You can have my ticket if anyone wants it. 

They hadn’t heard of anyone needed a ticket so I went to my seat. I think I stick out like a sore thumb and I must because about 3 minutes later a woman came up to me and said “we have someone that wants to buy your ticket”


I told her they could have it. And I meant it but she insisted 

30 second later I had $35 in my wallet and I would totally be ok to stop at any gas station I chose on the way home. 

So here we are and more to come- but you all. She is an amazing person. A real truth teller. We need her.



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