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Next to Me

March 12, 2015


I love him. I love him so much.

He is what I always imagined laying next to. We share the same hopes the same dreams.

We take “dreamin’ drives” .. we talk so. dang. much…

Last night- after I fought the world of rudeness and fraud and Lola stopped crying in her crib he called me ..

I picked up the phone to talk to what was going to be my punching bag- to hear- “Hey- I love you”…before I could even muster a word …

He knew I had such a crappy day.

Leo came home with dinner and Kingston. He got a shower and came back upstairs. The dishes stacked to the ceiling in the sink he ate and rounded the corner- I knew what he was doing-

“Put your plate down and come in here and talk to me…. I’ll get the dishes tomorrow.”

He smiled and kept walking ( ok took one step- you walk in this house and your in the next room with two steps) …

I said – “Listen to me! I need to talk to you much more than I need you to do those dishes!”…

He sat next to me.

I just needed him there. My soft place to land yet my rock steady and strong.

If there is anything that I believe 100% that Leo and I are it’s not a power couple- it’s not super parents- it’s that we really respect one another.

That day was really, really long.

We sat and talked to one another and for that I am so thankful. He didn’t discredit my super stressful day and go clean dishes he sat and we talked about EVERYTHING.

The other night he was in a class it was Monday.. after work.. He text me “I have a class after work for 30-40 minutes.

I met mom to get the kids, put them to bed, and at 8:30 (1 hour after his shift ended) he text me “getting in the elevator, need anything?”……

I just text him back quickly “I thought your class was 30 minutes long?”

He immediately called me- I didn’t mean anything by it. I just missed him. Not a thought went through my mind but I know he was calling to explain to me what went on…

I was watching The Bachelor (Ha!) and I didn’t hear the phone ring ( I don’t keep my ringer on- ever)- he called back again and I saw it at the last ring.

He is so respectful. I respect him. He came home and we said “what’s up” and there is no question where he was… not at all..

So last night when we got to talking I just told him- I explained to him that I would never disrespect him. And I remembered that he called the night before and I told him that I know why he called, to be respectful.

I feel so incredibly blessed to have him by my side. I couldn’t be the mother I am to my kids- all three- without him. When I met him I wasn’t sure about him. He was quiet and shy but he wouldn’t. stop. calling. me.

I just wasn’t sure about him. There was no doubt he had the coolest name, ever. It was not love a first site but i’ll never forget on that Valentines day in 2004 we were not dating but he got me flowers- lavender roses. That is when I knew I would be SO blessed to end up with him.

He was kind then and he is kind now- SURE sometimes we do not see eye to eye but at the end of the day we respect one another. He helps me chase my dreams he never tells me I’m crazy- never… And anything he sets out to do- hey- I’m going to be right there by his side- we have stories about failure a mile wide… that is no lie.

I can honestly say that Leo has dug me out of so many dark places- spending habits- school loans- failing out of nursing school- the evil known as debt- and the dark place that was those days of knowing that we were the parents of a baby that died….

Next to Me- always- Leo – You always are. God bless you for being the man that married me! You do it so gracefully and so lovingly… Thank you for always being so, so good to me. Next to Me

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