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Hey Brother

February 14, 2014


I went to a funeral today. I’ve been to a few since Blue’s.. 

It was for my friends brother. 

Too young. 

Kingston’s been telling me lately- and I”m not sure why- that Lola is his brother. 

I say, Kingston, this is your sister, Lola.

He calls her sis all the time. 

But he has been saying, and it’s usually in the morning when I’m feeding Lola, “No this is my BROTHER”. 

It makes me sad. But is also makes me smile

Kingston asked me the other day if the sky could fall down. 

I sat and thought.. he’s talking about that song. That I play in the car.. 

that line “Oh, if the sky comes falling down, for you, there’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t do” 

“No Kingston, I don’t think so, but sometimes it can mean that things are hard, and in the song it’s saying we should help one another”. 

Yeah, sure my sky has fallen down.. many times.. 

When Kingston tells me Lola is his brother. “I think it’s my brother”, he’ll say.. my world kinda falls apart for a minute.. thinking.. I wish I could give him back his brother.. I’d do anything to .. 

Just like I’m sure today- the family I saw would give anything to have their brother back. 

But I stop and think.. 

and maybe Kingston- just like I do- SEES his brother…. 

I know when I’m open and thinking about Blue that he actually is here.. I just know it.. 

I believe he’s just not watching over us.. but he is actually right down in the middle of everything with us. 

He is with us more than he ever would have been .. ever been.. and he makes my life richer more than it ever was, more than it ever was. 

Today when I was getting ready to go to Davids funeral I got out of my car and wrapped Lola in the same blanket we wrapped her brother in at the hospital. I’ve not really taken it out of the house sometimes I cover Lola up with it.. sometimes she plays on it.. but I won’t really take it anywhere because I don’t want to lose it… 

Leo only laid in that white blanket 

ANd when I was hugging Jenni I wanted to tell her.. but I just couldn’t .. I thought I would cry a lot.  

Kingston and Lola’s brother Leo I know has wrapped his love around them.. 

It’s not easy- it’s really hard- and Kingston and Lola might not know what they are missing .. 

What I want to say to my friends Jenni, Pat, and Amber is that David is your brother no matter where he is will always be your brother.. Always.. and look around.. the things you see the things you feel won’t be coincidences .. you’re sky might be falling down.. but you know.. there’s nothing in this world he wouldn’t do… he’ll show you.. 

Love you guys.. 

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