"Take the sourest lemon life has to offer and

turn it into something resembling lemonade"

Who’s That Little Boy?

January 8, 2014



I get things. 

And perhaps it’s because  I’m female.. 

or maybe it’s because I carried him 30 weeks.. 

but I get it.. 

Leo forgot his phone the other day up at work so me, Lola, and Kingston toted up to see daddy … 

We stopped and got him a Starbucks (Thanks Lauren for helping me)… a special treat for dad to get him through the day… 

When we were there Leo was holding Lola and someone came around the corner to tell Leo they went into his patients room to help. She had almost fallen and was now out in the hallway, confused. 

Meanwhile Kingston was trying to eat someone’s apple.. and Leo had promised to get him his.. 

Leo said “Oh gosh”.. and asked me if I would need help getting them back down and into the car.. 

I said I’d be fine.. we got Kingston’s apple and we headed to the car.. 

We left and came home.. Kingston and I had a magical day. I call days magical when we do something fun… when he smiles and lights up… which can almost be everyday but I think you know what I mean. Everything was just right. 

Leo came home that night and started telling me about the “confused” lady. He said, “She kept asking me, who’s that little boy? Who’s that little boy by your leg?”

Leo was just going on… 

and I just looked at Leo.. 

I said, “Leo, maybe she saw YOUR little boy”.. 

I don’t know. I do not know the last time we were up there to see Leo at work… It’s been a really really long time.. and just as I was getting Lola in the car at the farm to go up to see him I saw blue birds and felt him with me… 

so maybe, just maybe, his other little buddy wanted to stay with daddy for the day…  

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