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Best Shower Gift Ever

December 2, 2013


I was just recently invited to a baby shower for a little baby boy.. 

I was driving home after talking about it for a bit.. After asking “What are we doing for it? Going in on a gift?”

“She’s registered at Target and Babies R US”

Oh good I thought. I could look off there and get her something.. OR

I could think of something that isn’t at those stores that I have loved for my babies and get that.. thinking… the whole way home.. 

“What would be the best shower gift ever?”… 

Then it hit me. 

That’s simple. A “Count the Kicks” brochure. 

If someone had information on how to live a year longer.. to see your next birthday– you’d want it, right?

Being a voice for “Count the Kicks” in my community wants so badly to be my full time job.. The cause pulls at me night and day.. I can almost hear it saying “quit your job and do a service for your state”…. 

but I can’t. Not right now. I can work hard with the time that I do have and make as many people aware of kick counting, the importance of it, and help empower families. 

I want someone- your sister, your friend, your neighbor, your cousins, cousin to have the next success story. 

So- what’s the best shower gift ever? 

Telling my story which is telling thousands of others stories..  Tell expecting parents that kick counting is important. It can change and save a life. 

Of course I will pitch in or go buy this sweet baby something for the shower. But what I think is the best shower gift ever is a kick counting brochure and the information they need to feel like they can speak up.. 


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