"Take the sourest lemon life has to offer and

turn it into something resembling lemonade"

What Grace.

November 25, 2013

Something really wonderful happened last week… 

I had a long list of “to dos” some way more important than others… 

It included a visit to preschool for Kingston, yes, he’s going to preschool Tuesday. I’m so nervous. A haircut for us both, dental appointments for us both… the list goes one.. but..

Tuesday was the most meaningful. I was meeting a woman who I used to consider one of my “moms” growing up.  In a coffee shop, just after I presented the Count the Kick information to the women at St. Elizabeth. 

She came in and we ordered coffee. Something I don’t do much.  For me “decaf, Please”.. for her and Extra jolt of it… Complete opposites.. 

but have something in common. 

She was there to donate money to Raising BLUE from an event where money was raised in honor of her daughter. 

Her daughter was my friend on Jacqueline Dr… my old stomping grounds… where we played until the street lights came on.. and begged to stay up later than our bed times… 

We grew apart as my family moved and we got older. 

B.J. died in a car accident when we were high school age. A very sad day for all of us. Her sister Jordan holds a special place in my heart. She lost her sister- someone who is supposed to be there for her through all of her happy and sad times…. 

We, two moms, in very very different places in our lives.. both missing our children. 

She presented me with a check for Raising BLUE and said “You know i think it’s a really great thing that you are doing”… 

and then began talking to me about something that touched me in a way like no one has ever touched me.. 

She said “You know, this does suck. It does. But please keep doing good things…. please be happy, and laugh, and have fun.” 

But wait, I thought in my head, she’s not going to tell me anything like at least you didn’t lose him when he got older? She’s not going to tell me that her story is far worse… ?

She didn’t. 

She has grace. What grace she has for acknowledging my son as a real loss to my family. She understood me. Now I was crying.. 

Telling her that I cry everyday and how much it meant for her to talk to me. 

I will forever be touched by our conversations- that her and the girls from B.J.’s Band Jam chose Raising BLUE as one of the organizations that they wanted to help. That means so much because I know there are a lot of people hurting that need to feel love. 

That is what her daughter, B.J. is doing. She had a way like that when she was living too. She really did care about people… and animals. I’ll never forget that about her. She was funny… and brave… and didn’t back down when she felt something was right, or wrong… She continues to touch people through some very special people. 

I thank Canis so much. I think it takes a very brave person to continue to honor your child. I think it takes an even braver person to sit down with another and say “Hey, I know what it’s like”…. 

Last week was pretty beautiful really. One full of fast pace but with overwhelming states of grace….. 


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