"Take the sourest lemon life has to offer and

turn it into something resembling lemonade"

Life Changer, Deal Breaker

August 15, 2013

My life. It’s pretty beautiful. 

I have the sweetest things in the world. That you can’t buy- you can only pray for- and dream about. I got it. I’m thankful


Life changes when you’re surprised, when your happy, sad, when something unexpected happens- good or bad. 

It also changes with hard work and persistence. 

Leo Blue Bernard Gripshover, who would be 1 year 4 months today truly changed my life for the better. 

I didn’t see it as a “deal breaker”. I didn’t say “I’m never doing that again, it’s too hard”. Nope, I just said I will give Kingston a brother or sister to play with. 

I have had a lot of time these past weeks to reflect and think about the last three years of my life. 

My 2010 Christmas card was a picture of me and Leo with Mannie at my side- In front of Leo – deer antlers of his “big deer” where he’s been in books and magazines- in front of me, a picture with someone very special- Lady Gaga… an experience that yes, broke me- but paid for a lot of nice things at an art school in California. Most importantly me, there, expecting Kingston. Kingston- another unexpected event in my life. The card read: “Dreams Do Come True”. I had no idea what a “dream come true” Kingston was then. 

Let things in your life change you. If it’s good make it even better, even sweeter, if it’s bad turn it around- try hard- and ask for help if you need help. I promise if there is one thing I learned it is that people want to help you. People want to support you. People want people to win. 

So today I wanted to show you our logo for “Raising BLUE”. I wouldn’t have this if it weren’t for sweet Leo. Purpose. It’s what was given to me. 

I had a couple moments this week thinking of him. Seeing brothers get ready for school … It kinda gets me when I see two brothers close in age playing at the park. Then I have to check myself and think to myself that Kingston’s brother is here- watching over him and watching over Lola. 

I ask Lola all the time “Did your brother pick you out up there?”.. I  love talking to her and how she just looks… She is absolutely precious. I’m sure he did. 

So here is the start. The logo. It’s getting pretty official that Leo is going to change a lot of lives in more ways than one- not a deal breaker if you ask me- my life changer.  

So here it is. What do you think? 

And a big thank you to Justin Hite at J10: Studios for working with me and designing a logo so perfect. XOXO 




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