"Take the sourest lemon life has to offer and

turn it into something resembling lemonade"


July 29, 2013


Gosh. Lola will be 3 weeks old on Wednesday. I can’t believe it. 

She’s sleeping right now- so is her brother, Kingston. I got laundry done and Kingston actually ate a good lunch. Is this for real? 

She’s so lovely. She’s so calm and so chill. I keep waiting for it to go away. My mom told me to knock on wood- I said “No I won’t, I’m allowed to say I have a good baby without feeling like having said so my “luck” will turn around”. 

It didn’t go as easy with Kingston when he was an infant. Maybe it’s because he was our first? Or maybe it’s because I don’t care to hold her a little bit longer because I never got to hold Leo more than a couple of hours.  

My friend Karina described it best- she said something like when you know death can be and is part of your life you look at things differently.  That is why I am thankful. 

I’m calmer and at a peaceful point in my life. Her cries- although I wish she would never- don’t get me how Kingston’s just got me to the core. I hated to hear him cry. I felt like I would get sick. I wanted to lock myself in my house and not let anyone know that I wasn’t a “good mom”. I remember promising Leo that once he got old enough to walk or talk I would be better.  He was so little and I had no clue what I was doing. 

I was looking thought my fb pages today over the last 4 years. I got married in September of 2008. It’s been almost 5 years of marriage. I’ve had three babies. We’ve had probably 35 cows- probably 30 chickens- so many dogs- I’ve graduated twice in these past 5 years. It’s crazy how fast everything goes. 

Kingston will be 2.5 years old on the 3rd of August. Where did time go? We want to really start potty training him- he’s ready. Then as soon as that task is complete he is off to preschool. YIKES! Then before I know it I’ll be picking out pencils with my sweet Lola. 

I’m thankful for my experiences because they have made me appreciate what I have more than ever. I do know what it is like to be terrified with my first baby- then sad about my second- and now so happy with my third. Every experience has been a good one.  I feel like it can only help others. 

I’m just at a good place. But it took a lot of very hard days to get here. But I’m happy. Maybe it’s this really pretty day? I’m not sure. But today I am thankful for it all. 

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