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60 Kisses and Don’t Quit Attitude

May 23, 2013


Bitter sweet day.  Today I turned in my project proposal for IWU.  I spent the last 6 weeks wrapping my head around what I know will be my future- teaching kick counting and grabbing more education. 

This morning I woke up so tired. Sick most of the night- stress does that to me just a little bit- and apparently pizza after 6:30 p.m.  So naturally I was dragging.

Today I started off helping three women- all who lost babies.  Prenatal clients that had a loss.. they were pregnant again.  I didn’t say too much- offered support and helped them to learn about kick counting for this time.  Although they didn’t make it to 28 weeks for kick counting with their last- I know each pregnancy- each baby was supposed to make it- and those babies are significant. 

God works in wonderful ways. 

I felt better and then read a post by my cousin, Jennifer.  My aunt, her mother, would have been 60 today- she’s in heaven with Blue. 

She asked people to post a random act of kindness in hopes to get to 60. I think that’s pretty awesome.  I had just got back from getting lunch and believe it or not I got waved down on the road back to work… a man over turned a big construction vehicle (I think a road paver) and was bleeding from his head.  I stopped and helped- but by the time I really could help a sheriff came- and next an ambulance. The man was ok. I bet a bruised ego. 

I went back to work and read my 24 page paper making sure it was perfect. I really would love to get an A in this class.  You see- I have got 1 B and 2 B+ in all the classes I’ve taken at IWU- the reast- A’s.  My only “B” was given to me in the class where I lost baby Blue.  It was the day they told me he was gone- Leo drove me to school that day- and I was going to go in- but I couldn’t stop crying.  So he went up and turned in my paper and explained to the teacher what happened.  I missed 35 points that day for attendance- thus my B.  But I didn’t quit. 

Turning in that paper today was super symbolic for me. It wasn’t something that I am not passionate about- I am.  It was about something I have been working on for over a year- so how fitting to turn it in on a day when I want to celebrate on of my most favorite people- My aunt, DiDi. 

Driving home it hit me- I did it. I made it through this program. I finished something that a little over a year ago many people asked “Are you going to stay in school?”  Of course I was, I’m not a quitter. I started the program for my children- in hopes that one day they would strive to be something more than I am- something bigger in regards to education. 

So she would have been 60? So I didn’t quit.. I really miss my baby- and I really miss my aunt.  Today is a good day. My aunt was an amazing women who loved children and took care of her community.  Today I taught 3 mom’s about kick counting and turned in a project that taught 4 nurses about kick counting. … 

I hope my sweet baby boy is giving her 60 kisses. They have both changed my life. And today I reminded that I have to keep going.. to never quit- because it might be hard but down the road you’ll see why it is all worth it… 

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