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September 21, 2012

My favorite “show”… 

Last season Cam and Mitchell go to get a baby.. and end up leaving the hospital empty handed. 

I remember the advertisement for this episode.  Leo and I always watch it together.  I think it was in May or June when it aired.  Leo said “Modern Family is on tonight”.. I said back to him “THey are in a hospital and they get a baby”… I was nervous to watch my favorite funny show just to be sad.. 

They go to the hospital to get a baby and leave empty handed. When I saw this episode unfold My heart began to flutter.. They are showing LOSS. 

I was in tears as they left and had a breakdown at a gas station- they said “Let’s take a break”… 

I rmember laying in bed next to Leo and just say “Oh my goodness, they don’t have a baby either”.. I can relate to two gay men wanting to hold a baby- bring a live baby home- and just coming short of a dream. 

I wanted to write the writers and tell them THANK YOU.  We, all who going through loss, needed this. 

I had said at baby Leo’s funeral that Leo (my husband) is my rock.. 

At the end of the episode they are laying on the grass and MItchell says “I think I”m laying on a rock..”…

Cam says “That’s funny, I’m laying next to mine”.. 

And there I was.. laying next to my sweet husband who laid next to me all those nights let me cry and moved.. he knew I needed him.. he was so strong.. 

Refreshing to see it done so gracefully on T.V. and in a way you wouldn’t always think of loss effecting a couple. These couples experince what I experienced.. just a little differently- the pain can be the same.. a dream lost.. 

GLoria says at the end “There are certain things in life that you’ll never forget.. like when I held Mannie in my arms”… I agree.. there are things in life that we don’t forget- I’ll never forget holding Blue.. or sweet baby Kingston.. An accomplishment and a defeat.. but I have not lost.. 

I love Modern Family. I just hear the episode on and told Leo “I gotta go.. I was supposed to write about this a long time ago….”… He just smiles and keeps eating dinner.. puts our dishes away …. without me… and that’s ok…  

He’s my rock. A rock that understands me…. 

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