"Take the sourest lemon life has to offer and

turn it into something resembling lemonade"


September 4, 2012

I’m blessed. By all means.

I have a man that lets me take on ANYTHING. There is some coaksing sometimes.. but all I have to do is give him the “trust me” look.. and I”ve got him…

2004 we met. January 31st. A new year. I needed him. I met him only because I like him name. At the time boys were the last thing on my mind.

First date. I had my friend slip me a $20.00 under the table because I forgot my wallet- I didn’t want him to pay. I insisted.

Second date. So cold. Perfect North. I wore hot pink shorts under my snow suite. He was still shy.

He called and called. MOst times I didn’t answer.

I still don’t know what made me change my mind but I think it was his persistence yet he had patience with me.

He still has that patience with me.

He is a man.

2008 we were married. September 5th. It rained. Plan B. Isn’t that funny? Life threw us a curve that day- we look back and have no regrets. We danced our first dance in the rain. We made it through the day. Through the “spotty showers” the downpour, we. made.it.

We both managed to have develop a professional career. With both of us being nurses you can bet there are interesting dinner time conversations that do not violate HIPPA. We both have compassion for each others line of work. I know (sorta) what he means when he has a “bad day”.. although I can count on one hand how many times he’s complained.

Kingston. February 3rd, 2011. A gift. I still have no idea how he got here. How he was conceived during the most stressful time of my life- role transition and graduating nursing school- I have not a clue. He was with me though. I didn’t even know it.  We were supposed to wait a year. Let me try this nursing thing out, pass my board and then talk babies… life moved fast. I see now why he is here more than I ever have.

Baby Leo. A grand plan to give Kingston a brother or sister so close in age. My idea. Didn’t need much talking into by Leo. So on that morning after my first BSN class when we found out we were so excited. We were ready to juggle all of it. So ready.

A marriage is always tested in different ways. When we lost baby Leo I really was just so scared to lose anyone else. I was mourning my baby- but I think I realized just how easy something can be taken.

I said it before, I think at Blue’s funeral, that Leo is my rock. He really is there for me. I know when he needs fresh air because he goes out and gets it. I don’t know what I would have done without his patience and his strength these past 4 and a half months.

He pushes me to be better, I have pushed him. Sometimes you need that other person to be stronger. He gets annoyed when I’m checking my e-mail 800 times- but he’s NICE about it. He doesn’t give up and walk away. He will finishes the conversation-or tell me what he way again.

He’s a man. Not a lot of people could stand by me right now. I’m convinced I met Leo on that night, because his name was Leo… and now our baby Leo is teaching our family to be stronger- because we know just how easy it is to have something so precious taken. Every day both of my Leo’s push me to be better…

Our life mirrors not many and that’s ok. I think we know what we are doing with it. I think we know how to handle it.

September 5th marks 4 years for Leo and I.

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