"Take the sourest lemon life has to offer and

turn it into something resembling lemonade"


May 8, 2012

Monday March 12th wasn’t like every other day.  I had been transfered to the Boone County Health Clinic for almost a month… today… classes in Cincinnati, OH.  Blah. It was the day after the time change, it was raining. I had passed four car wrecks in my brand new car along the way to the conference. I was navigating through Ohio and I knew I was close to my destination. I had googled the image of the school where I would be taking classes to be a certified lactation consultant earlier in the week, I had my directions, I was prepared. I was on the last street and there it was, Union University, or something.. A big old buliding on a hill.. I made it! I put on my turn signal to turn into the parking lot and I hear a BEEP BEEP.. and then BAM.. it happened. 


I was 25 weeks pregnant. In a car wreck. In my brand new car. In Ohio. I was so close. Dang. I got out and so did an elderly man in Cadillac.  He knew he was going too fast I knew I somehow turned into him. 

I didn’t even think: “Oh I’m pregnant and just got into a car wreck”. No, all I could think about was the e-mail that said if you are late you can not go to classes the rest of the week. All I could think about was getting into the classroom. I even contemplated how I could just drive my car up the hill I had been so close to driving it up, leve it there, and the police could come and find me if they needed me. 

The baby measured 26 weeks 4 days on our final ultra sound. I should have went to the doctor. I’m still really sick over this. I was too focused on getting these classes over with before he got here. 

I stood in the rain expaling to every girl that walked by: “Tell the teachers I was in a wreck and I’ll be right up.” I even held out my drivers liscense to one girla dn said “This is my name, Stacey Gripshover, I’ll be up as soon as a police officer gets here”.  I called 911 again. 

I was fine for my class. I got there the teachers were very nice. I wanted to be a lactation couselor because I wanted to help other Momma who had problems like me. I wanted to be one that was understanding, not pushy, helpful, and not frustating. I wanted to be there for Moms.. I must have forgot I was one… 


This all has been a big slap in the face, a wake up call to the most highest degree. I was a wreck, a mess, and I was not putting my precious baby and myself first, AGAIN. Although I felt a real connection with lil Leo I was kinda spinning out of control. 

I sat down in a chair where I sat next to a doula and a nutritionist. I was excited. But at our first break I had a handful or women come up to me asking if I needed to go to the doctor to be on a monitor. “Oh, we are fine, I’m ok” I told everyone… It wasn’t a bad wreck.. no air bags came out. It was on my side of the car … I think about it every day… but I don’t let it take over my mind. There was no abdominal pain, no bleeding.. the OB said I was fine… 

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