"Take the sourest lemon life has to offer and

turn it into something resembling lemonade"


May 1, 2012

That above (this post title) is my blood type.  Of course it is, because this blood type is the universal donor.  I joked about this… because I would probably give you anything that I had if I could.. so it’s fitting. All the nurses out there ever heard of Rhogam? well I’ve had 4 shots of Rhogam in my life. 


Rhogam is a injection given to pregnant women if Rh- at 28 weeks gestation and after birth to help prevent or counteract mommy and babys blood mixing.  The first pregnancy is usually fine but it is the pregnancies after (second, third, etc) that can be at risk… if blood mixes and I’m told if Rhogam isn’t given after 72 hours during these times. The injection is also given if there is any bleeding or trauma to Momma…. 


I now know everything there is to know about this drug and this blood type… everything. You could call me obsessed… you might call me an expert one day. 

This is kinda where the real story begins…. boy did I wish I knew then what I know now………. 

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