"Take the sourest lemon life has to offer and

turn it into something resembling lemonade"

Hi!  I’m Stacey, and that’s Leo, and we are Raising BLUE—an organization aimed at supporting bereaved parents in the aftermath of stillbirth.  We assist with the cost of the baby’s funeral, educate expectant mothers in stillbirth prevention, and show parents how to live a meaningful life going forward.  We are proof!  It’s not always pretty; but if you work at it each day (and that means opening your heart to a place of gratitude), you can have a happy meaningful life too.

In April of 2012, we were picking out our first son’s clothes for baby Leo’s funeral when we were told that the funeral would be paid for by an anonymous donor.  We were touched.  Then a family called while we were in the hospital and set it up so that our baby’s graveside service would be paid for.  ‘That is so special,’ I thought.  ‘I want to do that, too!’

Six months later, we prepared for our annual fall bash.  Leo and I always had a fall bash here at the farm for friends and family—with the big pot of soup, hay ride, and pumpkin picking.  We sometimes wondered why we were crazy enough to do this every year.  Immediately after Leo Blue was born, it hit us—that’s why: practice for something bigger!  So our first “Blue’s Pumpkin Bash” took place in October 2012.

The organization started growing from there.  Soon we were contacting other parents who had just experienced a stillbirth, offering support, comfort, and hope.  We partnered with other organizations, began teaching parents and healthcare professionals about stillbirth prevention, and were noticed by the local news.  Today, Raising BLUE offers assistance, resources, and a hand of reassurance to bereaved families across the nation.