"Take the sourest lemon life has to offer and

turn it into something resembling lemonade"




June 25


My name is Shelly and this is Kingsley's story. Learning that we were pregnant was a bit of a surprise. I have 3 other children from a previous marriage. Jayden, Jazzlyn and Tyson. She was my husband's first child. Everyone was really excited to be having a baby! I had a really easy pregnancy.
We were set up for our 20 weeks gender ultra sound. We had brought the kids with us that day for the exciting news. I remember going in to the room and the lady starting the process. She looked for a minute and then said she would be right back. I asked where she was going and she said to get the doctor. My heart just dropped. The doctor said they couldn't find a heart beat and we needed to go straight to the hospital. The tears just fell.
As we dropped the kids off I remember the sky was so dark and scary. It stormed all day. We got to the hospital and had to go for another ultrasound. The lady confirmed no heart beat as we sit looking at our little girl limp on the ultrasound. Going down to labor and delivery they set us up in a room as we waited on the doctor. I sat back and wondered how do you put someone in the same rooms as you would a mom who gets to bring her baby home.
The doctor came in the room and told me we had to deliver her vaginally. I remember begging and pleading for a c-section.
It was time to push and I mentally just felt numb. I don't think I had tears left to cry. She came out and the room went silent. Kingsley Christian Doepke born still June 25th 2015
Having to arrange how your child will be buried is one of the hardest things a parent will go through.
Now that time is passing I know God chose us for a reason. He chose us to help others with Kingsley's story. The person you were dies that day with your child. You learn to become a new person. Kingsley has made me such a better person. I look at life differently, I love hard, and my children are our world.
We choose to carry Kingsley with us everyday. We are followed by butterflies constantly. In honor of her we had a beautiful baby boy and named him Kingston Lee. We know his sister chose him for us. He was hand picked from heaven.
I am so happy I met Stacey. She inspires me to help others who have lost their babies. I am honored to be apart of the Raising Blue family and to share Kingsley's story.